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fuNKsion in "Groove Magazine" 

FuNKsion is playing this summer!

Summer  Music


Now that entertainment is opening up this summer it will be more fun than the last two, by far.  Join in as we all experience those times we've missed and those outdoor events we love.  Hear the children play and laughter and the Music!

I hope you can come out and share your joy with us.  The Circle of Orange in Orange, California is one of the most refreshing places to be and even better this June when FuNKsion will be playing our exciting and stimulating music in the open air on the first day of the season!


We all know that summer in Orange County means the FAIR!

This year the Orange County Fair returns in complete operation! All though it was only on a two year pause for a full opening it seems like the "good ol days" are back this summer.

Come and enjoy and also enjoy FuNKsion on Meadow's Stage!

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